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Evaluation of sales managers

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Evaluation of sales managers


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In both structural and skill-based assessments, we distinguish between four different levels of sales manager maturity: casual, mandatory, recommended, and world-class.

To better understand these levels, let's take a look at the challenges each of them face:

The first level is ad hoc or "non-intrusive", which means there is a lack of clarity on roles, formal processes and guidelines. This approach is not scalable because even those who succeed may not be able to explain what they have done, or they may attribute it to wrong actions and behaviors.
The required maturity level describes the basic requirements that every sales organization so that sales managers become proficient in their role. This level is a giant step forward in formalizing the authority of the sales manager. However, one of the most important goals is the attitude: sales managers consciously change their point of view from the point of view of the seller "it's all about me"; to an "all about them" point of view, which makes them effective sales managers.
The recommended maturity level is a reference point for every sales leader - which must be ensured that sales managers are true professionals fluent in all aspects its role. Among other things, this means that sales managers develop balance and competence in all three areas of the sales manager's triangle: customers, business, and people.
World-class maturity turns recommended level criteria into a highly adaptive approach that transforms sales managers into sales leaders, coaches and business managers. The difference from the recommended level lies in the adaptability based on many simulations, which provide already established efficiency for our highly variable, complex and constantly changing customer, business and personnel environments.

The Structural and Organizational Maturity Assessment considers six criteria

The maturity level of a sales manager in your organization is determined by how well these criteria are applied within your organization.

The first criterion is demographics, sales manager role definition, hiring and promotion. The second focuses on the development of an existing sales manager, the third focuses on the current coaching approach. The fourth criterion looks at the salespeople's current focus (e.g., leading and lagging indicators), and the fifth is the balance between the salespeople's triangles (how well they balance the three different areas of the triangle: customers, business, and people). The sixth criterion concerns the remuneration of sales managers.

The Opportunity Assessment looks at the different opportunities in each area of ​​the Sales Manager's Triangle.

Also here, the level of maturity of a sales manager in your organization is determined by how well these skills are developed.

People: Coaching is the most important capability to develop, especially for newly appointed sales managers, because effective coaching can unlock the full potential of a sales team. Additional capabilities in this area include, for example, recruiting, interpersonal, communication, and listening skills, as well as recruitment and resource allocation capabilities.
Clients: Relevant capabilities include, for example, strategies, methods, and processes for contacting and interacting with potential customers and customers, sales, business development and relationship development. The problem is that their own sales capabilities need to be developed to a strategic level. In addition, business and relationship development skills should be developed and integrated into specific coaching and development practices.
Business: Relevant capabilities include, for example, account and territory management, opportunity management, funnel management, forecasting, call/cadence planning, and performance management. Fluency in all business management topics allows the sales manager to quickly assess and prioritize various requests and actions in light of business goals.

Last week we discussed the business case for developing a sales manager from a "performance impact" perspective. In addition to helping you create an action plan for your organization, a sales manager maturity assessment will enrich your business plan - it will create a unique portrait of your organization that is essential to convince your senior executives.

Service details: Estimation for sales managers

Great salespeople understand what it takes to be a great salesperson. They know how to spend your time and manage your efforts. They have the skills and knowledge to help salespeople succeed. However, most sales managers are not good sales managers.

Unfortunately, most organization leaders don't know which ones are good, who have the potential to become great, or where their sales managers may actually be reducing sales performance.

Our Sales Manager Assessment can help.


Are your sales managers focused on building a high-performing sales team?

To build the most effective sales team, you need sales managers who can coach, motivate and hire salespeople while holding them accountable for performance at the highest possible level.

To make sure your managers are focused on the actions and skills that will be essential to the success of your sales organization, our Sales Manager Assessment answers the following questions:

Are managers effective in developing and improving their sales team?
Are each individual manager's strategies aligned with the company's overall sales strategy?
Do sales managers have the skills necessary to effectively manage sales?
Are salespeople focused on areas that will most make salespeople successful?
Are your salespeople happy with what they have to do and the environment in which they have to do it?

By answering these questions, you can identify gaps in sales management that, if improved, will lead to significant growth for your organization. We help you assign the right people to the right sales management positions and help you make sure your sales managers have the skills and perspective they need to succeed.

Sales assessment with additional assessment or review
Assess sales skills, knowledge, motivation and training needs with our sales assessments.
Diagram depicting the competency aspects that are assessed in our sales assessments.
Sales evaluation identifies development opportunities, inspires learning, and analyzes learning needs.

Get feedback from trainers, recommendations for on-the-job training, and development tools.

Evaluate or review evaluation results to drive improvements, gain documented qualifications, or get a second opinion.

If you need to evaluate the team, ask us to facilitate the process and provide our analysis.

Use ratings to select the right people, reduce recruitment costs, and reduce employee turnover.

Our sales estimates provide quick solutions to a range of specific needs.

Sales Skills
Sales Skills Scoring Chart, one of six free sales assessments.
Compare skills and habits with ten important competencies. Complete the assessment to receive free feedback and development recommendations. Details or add to cart.

Assessment is aligned with over 100 workplace learning hyperlinks. The entire collection is available in the sales toolkit.

Telephone sales and internal sales skills
Compare telephone and in-house sales skills and habits with ten important competencies. Complete the assessment to receive feedback and development recommendations. Details or add to cart.

Challenge Sales Knowledge
It may seem strange that the overall sales assessment allows you to assess the knowledge required for a particular trading environment. This is done by listing the facts, circumstances, and types of information that should be known.

This self-assessment tool invites users to gain knowledge they feel is missing. Details or add to cart.

Motivated salesperson - free evaluation
What are your internal job motivators? It may seem that sellers are primarily driven by money. However, research suggests otherwise. Use this free assessment to identify job motivators. Evaluation is also effective in identifying the motivations of other people you know well. Rate here.

Sales Management Practices
Management training and coaching is often neglected. These lead teams are left to manage their training in most cases.

Our Sales Management Practice Assessment provides an easily accessible guide to sales management best practices, analyzing training needs, and prioritizing development opportunities. Details or add to cart.

Custom Solutions
Because gap scores do not rely on psychometrics or expert analysis, they are inexpensive to construct. The gap assessment is a direct competency-based assessment thatcan be confirmed by colleagues, manager or consultant.

Photograph of a sales professional performing an individual sales assessment.
Sales assessment - applications
Professional competence
Who is responsible for sales? Most people answer, "I am." Grades help answer additional questions: "How do you know that you are professionally competent?" and “What can be done to achieve, develop or maintain competence?”

Professional Sales Qualification
Feedback sent to those who complete the free assessment is self-certifying documentary evidence of skill and knowledge. SalesSense assessment and validation options provide more reliable proof of ability.

Individual Development Guide
Assessment tools identify and quantify individual development opportunities. Feedback provides a solid basis for participants to prioritize a development plan that will lead to increased competence, improved performance, and personal growth.

Inexpensive or free education
You can learn by looking for answers. Solutions are easy to find online. SalesSense sales assessment is aligned with and linked to over 250 workplace activities that help educate and drive sales. Learning is done in-house and not through external training or coaching. Users can manage their development based on evidence rather than unstructured perceptions and opinions.

Highlighting in the selection process
Completion of an assessment demonstrates initiative and demonstrates a positive and active attitude towards learning and development. Testimonials provide a practical and effective platform for answering the question, "Why are you a good fit for this job?".

Reviews help build a compelling picture of strengths and abilities. This helps explain exactly what the person is good at and leaves interviewers in no doubt about the candidate's competence. People who pass the assessment have an advantage over those who do not.


Whether you need sales assessments, sales skills tests, sales interview questions, or a training needs assessment, we can help.


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