Recruitment services for employees and managers

Services for hiring employees and managers to work. A program for hiring personnel for work, searching for and checking performers and employees when hiring or for a project.

Introducing innovative services for automated verification of employees when hiring:

Hiring procedure:

01. Determine the job before hiring

Hiring the right employee starts with a job analysis. Job analysis allows you to collect information about the responsibilities, requirements, required skills, outcomes, and work environment of a particular job.

Information from job analysis is fundamental to developing a job description for a new employee. The job description helps you plan your strategy for hiring the right employee.

02. Plan your recruiting strategy

With a job description, prepare a hiring planning meeting that includes key employees hiring a new employee. The hiring manager is critical to planning, he must determine the recruitment strategy. Teams that often worked together when hiring an employee can often complete this step via email.

03. Use the Hiring Checklist

This hiring checklist will help you organize your hiring process. Whether you are hiring your first employee or one of the many employees you hire, this employee hiring checklist will help you keep track of your recruiting efforts.

The Hiring Checklist tracks your recruiting efforts and communicates progress to interested employees and the hiring manager.

04. Hiring suitable candidates when hiring an employee

You can develop relationships with potential candidates long before you need them for a job. These ideas will also help you recruit more candidates when you have a current job opening.

The more qualified candidates you can find when hiring an employee, the more likely you are to hire a qualified potential employee.

05. Check credentials and apps carefully

The job of reviewing resumes, cover letters, job applications, and employment letters starts with a well-written job description. Your bulleted list of the most desirable characteristics of the most qualified candidate was developed as part of the recruiting planning process. Filter all candidates against this list of qualifications, skills, experience, and characteristics. When applying for a job, you will spend time with your most qualified candidates. And that's a good use of your time.

06. Pre-screening your candidates

The most important reason for pre-selecting candidates when hiring an employee is to save time on interviews and the selection committee. While a candidate may look good on paper, a pre-interview will tell you if their qualifications really match your job.

Also, at the pre-interview, you can determine if their salary expectations match your job. An experienced phone interviewer will also get evidence of whether the candidate can fit your culture or not.

07. Ask the right interview questions

The interview is a powerful factor in hiring an employee. The interview is a key tool that employers use when hiring. Asking job interview questions are critical to increasing your interview opportunities to help you in hiring the right employee.

Interview questions that help you separate desirable candidates from average candidates are fundamental to hiring. Interview questions are important for employers.

08. Check background information and recommendations when hiring an employee

Effective background checks are one of the most important steps in hiring an employee. You must make sure that all the excellent knowledge, skills and experience presented really belong to your candidate.

Verifications should include employment certificates, especially former supervisors, educational records, employment certificates and actual jobs, and criminal history. Other background checks when hiring an employee, such as credit history, should be specific to the job for which you are hiring the employee.

09. Expand your job offer

A job offer letter is provided to the candidate you selected for this position. Most often, the candidate and the organization will discuss verbally conditions of employment are awaited, and the job offer letter confirms verbal agreements on salary and benefits.

However, the higher the position, the more likely it is that the job offer will turn into drawn-out negotiations about salary, benefits, job termination, bonus potential, severance pay, stock options and more when hiring an employee.< /p>

10. Use effective employment letters when hiring an employee

These sample employment letters will help you turn down job applicants, make job offers, welcome employees, and more when applying for a job. Use sample employment letters to write employment letters that you use in your organization when applying for a job.

Our service allows:

When recruiting

• Determine the requirements for the candidate

• Using the recommended template, form questions.

• Launch it using the web interface of the service.

• Get recommendations and invite the candidate to personal communication 


Development and implementation of intelligent systems for assessing personnel, employees, managers and other employees when hiring and existing employees.

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