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What is outstaffing (outstaffing) personnel outsourcing (staff outsourcing)?
Outsourcing of personnel and administrative functions is a set of measures aimed at organizing personnel, in which the management and control of the provided personnel is carried out , as well as taking care of the organization of work and necessary documents.

Outsourcing services for various business functions are necessary if you have increased the volume of work or employees cannot cope with the given volume of work, so you need to optimize the work of the company and increase its capitalization. It can also be useful when there is a new project that needs temporary staff and help with personnel management.

Outsourcing of personnel of organizations allows:

  • Increase the number of employees to solve current problems or work on a temporary project
  • Reduce the administrative and financial burden on the company
  • Minimize labor and tax risks
  • Optimize business costs
  • Get the necessary data about each employee in a convenient form using the online reporting system and personnel portals

Scheme of work
Removal of personnel from the state — company becomes a legal employer for your employees.
We are creating a project team, which includes a personnel administrator and an accountant. We calculate and pay wages, issue payroll bank cards, transfer money to employees' accounts. Every month we send checks for payment components.
We carry out tax deductions and reporting in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. We organize the necessary measures for labor protection. At the request of employees, we generate certificates from the place of work, 2-personal income tax and other forms.

We conduct employee surveys every year to find out how satisfied they are with their jobs. We provide results upon request.
We provide full project reporting with any level of detail.

Additional opportunities
Selection of candidates and replacement employees in the following cases: staff expansion, vacation period or illness of employees.

And also:

  • Voluntary health insurance and life insurance.
  • Performing medical examinations and obtaining medical books.
  • Travel support, including booking tickets and hotels, issuing visas.
  • Providing corporate mobile communications.
  • Providing food and uniforms.
  • Organization of training according to corporate standards.
  • Fuel compensation through fuel cards.
  • Search, rent and maintain office space and much more.
  • Employee benefits

When outsourcing personnel, employees receive full social security - we recruit personnel in accordance with labor laws and provide all the necessary social guarantees and benefits.

We ensure timely payment and withholding of income and unified social taxes.

For each employee, we assign an HR administrator and an accountant to facilitate communication within the team.

Digital products we use
Mass recruitment
Recruitment for large projects using our own and partner software.

Corporate University
Online personnel development system.

Chatbot for job selection and interview appointments.



Development and implementation of intelligent systems for assessing personnel, employees, managers and other employees when hiring and existing employees.

The implementation of the innovative project is carried out with financial support of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Fund for assistance development of small enterprises in the scientific and technical field"



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