Human resources assessment

Human resource assessment

Human resource assessment

Today's laws are complex and changeable. Even the most efficient HR department can struggle to keep up with ever-changing regulatory requirements. Avoid costly litigation and liability by streamlining systems and procedures by allowing HR Source to conduct on-site human resource assessments.

Your assessment will be conducted by our in-house experts, who will be carefully selected based on their specialties and experience, taking into account your individual concerns and concerns.

The assessment is divided into seven problem areas. You can perform a comprehensive review including all seven areas, or select a specific target for one or more areas.

  • Employment documentation
  • Recruitment, selection and hiring
  • Employment issues and discipline/complaint process
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Security
  • Affirmative Action/Compliance

The cost of the project depends on the number of areas you have chosen. Each is charged at a standard amount - regardless of the size of your organization. And for those who choose the full, comprehensive review, there is an additional discount.


Development and implementation of intelligent systems for assessing personnel, employees, managers and other employees when hiring and existing employees.

The implementation of the innovative project is carried out with financial support of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Fund for assistance development of small enterprises in the scientific and technical field"


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