Employee knowledge testing services

Employee Knowledge Testing Services

How to start knowledge testing in your company?
The reaction of test participants to trainings and knowledge tests is extremely important. The learning process is affected by their effectiveness - a negative reaction to learning can lead to a deterioration in this process. Very often, people giving trainings or knowledge tests misjudge the value of the training, getting high scores from satisfaction questionnaires. A good training assessment is not a guarantee of improved employee knowledge. It is a mistake to take high scores from post-training surveys as an effective indicator of learning. Thanks to surveys carried out on the platform, you will find out whether the training goals were achieved and whether the knowledge of employees has really improved.

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We'll help you optimize your training programs so that you improve your tests by developing the skills of your employees. Use one of the templates prepared by our team and customize it to your needs. If you need further assistance, please contact us - we will help you create surveys that meet the needs of your company, and then we will distribute them efficiently to your employees.

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The only such platform. Over 3500 clients.

Our platform is extremely easy to use. Simple creation of questionnaires, convenient settings, clear data analysis and a revolutionary reporting system.

No one likes filling out boring forms. We are confident that the questionnaires are beautiful and extremely interactive. As a result, they fill up more often.

Our experts will advise you on all aspects - from technical issues to more relevant ones. And for VIP clients, we prepare studies from the very beginning, right up to execution.

We take this very seriously so you can focus on your research. That is why we are chosen by government agencies, banks, medical institutions and many other global companies.

Our platform is constantly developing its capabilities. We also take care of obtaining the latest knowledge and obtaining certificates in the field of research.

Skills and behavioral tests from general testing

Total testing has over 800 skills and behavioral tests available. Our online employment testing services cover 12 different categories, including:

  • Behavioral and cognitive tests
  • Basic administrative and clerical skills
  • Microsoft Office Skills
  • Accounting and financial tests
  • Industrial skills
  • Retail Skills Tests
  • Call center and customer service tests
  • Legal office skills test
  • Human Resource Tests
  • Medical and nursing skills
  • Food Skills Tests

Clients also have the option to create their own tests from scratch using a list of suggested questions to start with. The tests cover a range of levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced. Whatever candidate assessment tool you are looking for, there will be a test for your candidate.


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