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Services for assessing employees by competencies

How to assess the skills and competencies of employees
Corporations must quickly adapt to changing conditions; as well as the employees of these companies. For change to happen smoothly, HR managers need to know exactly what skills the company's employees already have and what skills they lack. Based on this information, they can organize trainings and seminars to fill gaps in knowledge and skills. Here are just a few of the ways you, as a HR manager or business owner, can evaluate the skills and competencies of employees.

1. Test your employees
This is a fairly traditional and effective way to assess technical and theoretical knowledge. However, such tests are carried out in "laboratory" conditions, so they do not give an accurate picture of whether the employee will be able to use the acquired knowledge in real life or not. Use such a test, but only occasionally - otherwise you may be disappointed when it comes to more realistic conditions.

2. Ask for a self-assessment
You can send your employees a self-assessment questionnaire. On the one hand, it shows not only their abilities, but also their self-perception. On the other hand, you may not need such a subjective point of view anyway: their assessment is too optimistic or pessimistic. Thus, this method should be used in conjunction with some other, more objective method.

3. Get feedback from teams
There is some subjectivity in what team members say, but it is certainly more objective than just relying on one person's opinion! Ask employees to share their feedback on each other's performance (make sure they don't go in person!) and see if each of them can do their job at a high level.

4. Put them in real situations
The most effective way to train and evaluate skills - nothing beats practice. But what if you just can't take the risk and leave "testing" until the time is right. What if your employee fails in this real-time mode? Can you take this risk? To make sure your employees can complete the task, it's safer to start with other methods. However, if you are confident in the high qualifications of your employees, you can put them in real conditions to challenge them and test their qualifications.

5. Let them play a business game
The modern trend of gamification has penetrated into different aspects of our lives. These days, games are played not only by children, and many games not only have a fun function, but also serve professional purposes and are designed for adults.

6. Ask for customer feedback
One type of real life situation testing. The difference is that you evaluate actions after they have been completed. This is a good way not only to see how your employee works, but also to communicate with the client and learn more about his/her needs. Use this great opportunity, but make sure your employees already have enough skills to test with this method.

Last word
Each organization must choose the best method. Usually a combination of several of them would be a great set. Depending on the skill you need to test and the conditions (time, resources, etc.) you are in, you can choose one of the methods above or share with us the method you practice.</ p>


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