Conducting video surveys

What are video surveys and why use them?

Video surveys are a hot topic in the market research industry right now, but what exactly?

To put it simply, video surveys are:

Structured online questionnaires designed to provide quality feedback in the form of recorded video responses to each question.

Video surveys are similar to traditional online surveys in many ways, with the notable difference that each survey question is answered by respondents recording video responses rather than checking boxes and/or typing their responses in text.

Similar to traditional text-based surveys, the researcher defines his or her questionnaire in advance and enters the questions into the video surveillance software. Respondents then go through the questionnaire one question at a time (in the order the researcher posted them), recording video responses to each question as the survey progresses.

Because the responses are in the form of recorded video responses, video surveys are ideal for qualitative research when you're looking for exploratory, open-ended feedback on a given topic, although you may get some "easy" feedback. quantitative data by asking closed questions and using video responses to get respondents to explain "why" they chose their answer.

Video surveys have many advantages over more "traditional" ones; methods of personal qualitative research, including:

  • Speed ​​- personal surveys can take weeks or months to complete, while video surveys can capture results in days (and sometimes even minutes/hours).
  • Reducing Bias - Personal qualitative methods suffer from a number of biases, including groupthink (in the case of focus groups), observer bias, interviewer bias, social desirability bias, and more...  Video surveys significantly reduce (and even eliminate) these biases.
  • Authenticity - Because respondents write down their responses from the comfort of their home, office, or on the road, you tend to get more "authentic" responses. responses than you get with qualitative institution-based methods.
  • Scale - Video surveys allow for many more interviews in a shorter period of time than real-time face-to-face survey methods. You can achieve "quantitative" sample size over a short period of time using video surveys.
  • Simplified/Quick Analysis - Analyzing feedback from a video survey is easier and faster due to the structured format of the questionnaire and the way each answer is attached to a specific question. Face-to-face interviews often use a guide to provide some structure to the conversation, but browsing the results for specific quotes and comparing answers to questions during the interview can be very time consuming...
  • Reducing costs - doing personal research can be significant. The costs of renting premises, paying high incentives to recruit respondents to a particular location, providing refreshments, travel, etc. can rise rapidly. Video surveys can save many thousands of dollars over in-person methods while still delivering the same (or better) results.

Of course, there is no perfect research methodology, and video surveys have their drawbacks. For example, since interviews are not conducted in real time, you lose the ability to tailor your questionnaire to the interviewer's previous responses. You are also missing out on some of the "at the table" discussion that you could get from face-to-face focus groups.

If the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, then we highly recommend checking out our service and trying out a video survey today.


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