Scoring services through video interview - borrower scoring services for banks, credit and banking organizations

Scoring services via video interview - borrower scoring services for banks, credit and banking organizations

Scoring Service
The CRD model, which is rated using the huge SME data set in CRD, predicts the credit risk of SME borrowers. Credit risk is expressed as a predicted probability of default (as a percentage) and a credit rating.

CRD model as a statistical tool that captures signals from financial statements.

The CRD model is evaluated using customer data of participating financial institutions. This model is used to determine the guarantee rates in all public guarantee corporations in Japan. In addition, this model is used by financial institutions to improve their assessment of the creditworthiness of borrowers and for in-depth credit risk management.

Content of the scoring service
1. Browser Scoring Service
Using data from borrowers' financial statements on the CRD Association website, members can immediately check a borrower's credit score and probability of default.

2. Collective Scoring Service
Based on the financial statements of borrowers regularly distributed by CRD members, the CRD Association provides estimates of creditworthiness and probability of default. This service is used regularly (for example, regular monitoring of the client's credit risk).

3. Requested scoring service
Based on borrower financial reporting data occasionally sent by CRD members, the CRD Association provides a credit rating score and probability of default.

If members provide data on a borrower's credit score calculated from their rating system, the CRD Association supports changing those credit scores (which includes card analysis using CRD data). This service offers a matrix of credit scores from models from both the CRD Association and CRD members.

4. Offline service
This service offers a Windows software suite that includes a credit scoring service and a help desk for data collection.

5. Subroutine Scoring
This service provides the logic of the credit scoring system in the CRD model as a subroutine (DLL) applicable to participants' computer systems.


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