The program "Evaluation of personnel.RU" - online assessment of personnel, employees, personnel, managers, buyers, sellers using artificial intelligence algorithms

HR Software – Track employee hours, hire more intelligently, schedule more effectively, automate payroll, and manage every other aspect of your human resources management.

HR Software - Track employee hours, hire smarter, plan more efficiently, automate payroll and manage all other aspects of HR.

Program "Personnel assessment.RU" - online assessment frames, employees, Staff, managers, purchasers, sellers using artificial intelligence.

Introducing the "Personnel Assessment.RU" program:

Employee evaluation is the evaluation and verification of the performance of an employee. Most companies have an employee appraisal system in which employees are evaluated on a regular basis (often once a year).


These evaluations are usually held at the end of the year or on the anniversary of the employee's service. That is, if you were hired in February, your assessment is in February, and if you were hired in December, your assessment is in December. Many companies attribute their annual raises to employee appraisals.


If your business does this and conducts an assessment based on the anniversary of your service, you may find that employees hired at the end of the year receive disproportionate promotions compared to their peers. This happens when managers either use too much of their raise budget at the beginning of the year, or save it all until the end, when they must either use the money or lose it.


Why do employers use employee ratings

Regular employee appraisals help remind employees what their managers expect at the workplace. They provide employers with information to use in making employment decisions such as promotions, pay raises, and layoffs.


In a traditional employee appraisal, a manager or supervisor writes and presents the employee's contribution and the employee's shortcomings. The manager and employee then discuss the improvements. Some organizations ask the employee to write a self-assessment before the meeting.


Self-ratings are often critical to your good performance rating. Managers can't know everything you do every day. Thus, a well-written self-assessment with successes and challenging projects listed can inform or remind your manager of the goals you have achieved and the contributions you have made during the year.


By writing this, you can influence your manager's final decision about your performance evaluation. If you've received praise from clients, both internal and external, include them in your self-evaluation so your manager knows that others appreciate your work.


The process of evaluating the performance of organizations continues - every day, as the manager or manager observes and controls the work of each employee.


In many organizations with a formal employee appraisal process, employees are ranked and evaluated against other employees. Promotions are assigned based on both an appraisal rating and a rating - usually 1-5 - that a manager assigns to an employee's performance.


Also, some organizations pre-define the percentage of employees you can rank: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.



The company specializes in providing tools that allow HR employees to get an analysis of the video interviews collected by the service. Generate reports on the analysis of motivation to work and sincerity (truthfulness) of respondents' answers. Generate reports on the social behavior of future (existing) employees and generate formalized reports - recommendations for each employee (applicants). Create a SaaS platform for interaction with service customers and candidates (employees). Create a mechanism for protecting personal information, in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The program "Personnel Assessment.RU" allows to conduct a preliminary interview and form recommendations to the HR specialist about the candidate's profile. The solution also allows you to conduct a survey of company employees with the formation of a report on the psychological climate in the team. In a broad sense, the project provides services for verifying the information provided by candidates in the process of finding a job and by employees in surveys on job satisfaction. 


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Development and implementation of intelligent systems for assessing personnel, employees, managers and other employees when hiring and existing employees.

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